Vine for Your Association

Are you on Vine?

Twitter’s six-second video app is gaining popularity, with brands such as GAP, Oreo, and Honda using Vine videos in their marketing efforts. But can Vine be useful to non-profits and associations? Absolutely. A short video can pack a big punch, adding interest and personality to any message. So what can Vine do for your association and how can you make the most of it?

Say it in Six

Vine videos are short and sweet, just six seconds long. You don’t have to be staging a multi-million dollar campaign to make the most of Vine – a well planned video can get across a concept, create intrigue, or simply give your association a human face. Your members are hearing a lot of messages every time they go online – offering a short video is a good way to grab their attention and make your messages stand out.

What to Do with Vine

The key to creating a good Vine video is getting crystal clear on what exactly you want it to achieve. Before you pick up your camera or phone, ask yourself what the viewer should take away from your video. One thing is your limit – trying to squeeze more than one concept into six seconds will create confusion and your message will be lost. Why not:

  • Introduce a staff member or volunteer
  • Answer a member’s question
  • Give a sneak peak of the next event, service, or newsletter
  • Show the solution to a problem that your members are facing
  • Share a piece of relevant news with your members

What Not to Do with Vine

Don’t try to squash a complicated concept or idea into six seconds. All that will give you is a headache and a rushed, messy video. Your idea or point should fit comfortably in the allotted time – if you find you’re talking fast to get everything in, your idea is too long. For example, don’t try to explain your entire “member get a member” program. Instead, you could talk about one benefit of your “member get a member” program, with a clear call to action on where to go for more information.

If you want to grab your members’ attention but don’t have the time or budget for a long video, Vine is perfect for you. You won’t need to spend hours recording, and your members can hear your message without having to take a lot of time out of their busy day.