Video Marketing: An Online Marketer’s Secret Sauce

By JOHN FOLEY – April 27, 2017

How can you create a marketing campaign that will help you beat your toughest competitors? If you need to market in a competitive industry, you might consider using videos as a way to help your company stand out in a crowd. Even short and simple marketing videos help you improve visibility and conversions. Video content can serve your company as a sort of secret sauce that can improve all aspects of your marketing funnel. In addition, a modest investment in one video can give you content that you can use in many different ways.

Videos Deliver for Marketers 

You already know that consumers spend a lot of time accessing the internet. As a marketer, you might want to consider how most people spend their time when they go online. According to recent studies, internet users spend about three-quarters of their internet time watching videos. Sure, lots of people watch clips from TV shows or amateur videos of funny pet tricks. However, people also watch content in order to learn more about companies and research purchases.

If you’re going to invest in some extra marketing content to help engage internet users, you might consider delivering the kind of content that is likely to appeal to your audience. Consider some video marketing statistics:

 – Cisco predicts that people will spend 90% of their time online watching videos by 2019.

 – Over three-quarters of surveyed marketers reported a positive impact on their company after using video marketing.

 – Almost half of consumers said that they would prefer more video marketing content in a recent HubSpot survey.

 – Emails that use “video” in their subject line get opened more and enjoy better CTRs.

How Videos Make an Emotional Connection

In fact, people watch online videos so often that scientists have actually conducted research projects to learn why. They found that the main reason that people gravitate to this kind of visual and audio content is because they want to improve their mood. In other words, they might select content that can entertain, educate, or inform them; however, they are mostly interested in relaxing, cheering up, or getting excited about something.

The researchers also found that people tend to react to this kind of content in a very similar way to how they might react when they actually have the experience themselves. In other words, videos offer marketers a way to connect with their audience in a very personal and effective way. Good salespeople already know that they need to reach customers on an emotional level in order to close sales. This probably explains why video marketers enjoy such high conversion rates when they employ video ads on social sites, video platforms, business websites, and even in search engines.

Videos Can Even Help Your Company Improve Customer Service

Smart marketers know they can help their companies by improving customer retention and brand loyalty. Businesses almost always need to invest less to keep a customer than to reach out and engage new ones. Consider some ways that you can combine marketing and customer service content:

 – You might also consider using videos as a way to provide answers to frequent questions or demonstrate ways to use your products in ways that your customers might not have considered.

 – If you can use your content to help satisfy your customers you should be able to increase the number of people who come back to buy again.

 – In addition, you might be able to cut down on the number of calls or emails to your company’s customer service department.

How Videos Improve Reach and Conversions

Most companies hope to expand their audience. At the same time, they want to convert people who view their ads into leads and customers. Video content tends to excel in both of these areas.

Video content tends to rank very well on the major search engines, and it can provide a way to compete with other strong websites and social platforms. YouTube’s search engine is actually the second-ranked search engine, behind only Google in the number of searches. Lastly, numerous studies have found that video offers the best engagement and conversion rates on social sites and in emails.

Why Consider Spicing Up Marketing With Videos?

You may not have to invest that much to produce quality videos that you can use to improve all aspects of your marketing plan. Since you can upload videos to your social networks, website, and video sites, you can benefit from your investment in many ways. If they can provide you with that secret sauce that you need to help your marketing rise above the competition, you are likely to enjoy great returns upon your investment in video marketing.


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