Utilizing Images for Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

What’s more eye catching – a beautiful picture or a wall of text? Images are attention-grabbing and that alone makes them valuable in any kind of marketing, especially when you consider that posts with images get up to 37% more interaction on Facebook. Images aren’t just for glossy magazines. Your association can use images to make its online communications more interesting and make sure your audience is interested enough to stop and hear what you have to say.

What Can Images Do For You?

Images catch the eye and give the viewer a reason to pause and see what it’s all about. Instead of showing your audience a block of text, you’re showing them something interesting and quicker to engage with – much better for members and prospects who are busy. Images add color and draw the eye, making your post or blog entry stand out.

How to Choose Your Images

Images work best with some thought behind them. Going for the first stock photo you find of a smiling business person isn’t going to grab your audience and make them want to read more. Choose something that relates directly to your subject – if you can make it fun, humorous or intriguing, even better. But why stop there? With a decent phone camera you can take pictures of your own, showing off your association’s work, staff, surroundings, even your favorite coffee stop, adding a truly human touch to your media. Or why not create your own infographic to get your message across with style?

Where to Use Your Images

Images are a natural fit for Facebook posts and your latest blog entry. You can also add them to email (choose your template carefully to make sure your display looks professional) or to your Tweets. If you want to branch out, consider making use of an image based social media site such as Pinterest or Instagram, which are two of the fastest growing social media sites today. Regular uploads with interesting captions will give your followers a visual story of what your association is all about.

Using images for your association is a quick way to give your online presence something extra that will gain your audience’s attention and make your updates more appealing.