Drive Sales with Marketing Automation

A sales department can only sell to the prospects that the marketing department leads to their doorstep. Think about it…if the marketing department falls short and fails to deliver the marketing message to the target market, then the whole sales process crumbles. The marketing department finds the prospects and lures them in and the sales department seals the deal. With marketing automation, a sales department can rest assured that a campaign is working like clockwork to bring the target market to the doorstep. For sales, lead generation is essential.

With marketing automation, everything is tracked and managed from one central spot. Instead of the right arm (sales) not knowing what the left arm (marketing) is doing, the two arms are working in conjunction, as a team. And with an automated marketing system, tasks and contacts are managed, and prospects can be touched multiple times without feeling overwhelmed and turned off by a pushy company.

For example, your sales team exhibits at the local home expo. Several people fill out the form requesting more information on your products. Day one after the expo, each are emailed links to the online brochures regarding the products the prospects were interested in. The sales team receives the information on which emails were opened, when they were opened and whether the link within the email was clicked. 2 days later, an automated email is sent to each of the prospects asking them if they would like a trial of the company’s product. A couple days after that, thank you notes are sent out via snail mail to each of the prospects thanking them for stopping by the booth during the expo. On Day 7, the sales team is notified of which prospects have clicked on the link requesting the product trial, and are assigned phone calls to follow-up. On Day 9, those prospects who did not request a free product trial are emailed a survey about their expo experience and about their thoughts on the company’s products. On Day 12, the sales team learns of the survey results and are assigned follow-up calls to any prospects who have indicated they still need more information about the products.

Can you see where the marketing automation leads the prospects by the hand and directly into the sales team’s waiting arms? It’s automated but still personalized every step of the way. Everything is tracked so no lead will fall between the cracks. Prospects receive the information they need according to their responses. And by the time the sales team contacts them, they are already interested in what they have to offer. Automated marketing making life easier. For everyone.