You Need To Be Sending These 5 “Non-Sales” Emails Every Month

By JOHN FOLEY – March 14, 2017

Do you find yourself wanting to send out emails your customers will actually want to read but not sure how? Everyone knows what a “sales” email looks like. Everyone also knows that those emails almost always end up in the trash bin.

Here are five “non-sales” emails you need to be sending every month:

1. Content

Now, I do not simply mean any type of content is good content. Consider sending relevant content within your industry. When you share information about your industry or material that can help your clients you become a thought leader in your industry. People will begin to search for you when considering certain ideas and latest news.

2. Company Update

It’s always good to keep your clients or prospects updated on the direction of your company. Put the sales pitch aside and just let your customers know what the company has been up to. Have you gone to a conference lately? Do you have an event coming up in the near future? Are you developing new products or services? Let them know!

3. Feedback

Understanding what your clients or prospects want to see is important when engaging with them. Send customer surveys and ask for their feedback. If they see you are trying to stay relevant and providing personalized information, your value to them can only increase. The “customer’s first” motto does not change when it comes to email marketing. Think of what your customers want, and if you don’t know, ask!

4. Product/Software Update

Overall company updates are nice, but sometimes it pays off to take it even a step further. Without “selling” the product or service, let your clients and prospects know what is going on with the products and services they are invested in. Is there a new product coming soon? Did you just launch new software? Consider these updates before simply attempting to sell.

5. Social Media

By now, your marketing team should have adopted social media into its marketing efforts. But, is your social media embedded in your emails? By simply linking your social profiles to emails, your clients and prospects have the opportunity to follow you and gain information in more than one way. Also, if you are highly engaged in social and have campaigns going through different platforms, notifying customers through emails can increase the number of people engaging on social media.


If you want your emails read and answered, you need to be valued. Before sending out your next email, consider these different types of messages and effectively reach your clients and prospects.


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