Member-get-a-Member Programs

You already know how helpful a glowing recommendation from a trusted friend is when you’re making a purchase – whether that be a Saturday night movie or a new car. Member-get-a-member (MGM) programs help you tap into that power of a trusted recommendation. When someone hears about your association from a friend who is also a member, they’re finding out first-hand from a trusted source what makes you great. So what can you do to help your member referrals program bring new members to your association?

Make it Worthwhile – For Both Parties

No matter how enthusiastic they are about your association, your members are still busy people who need to choose how to allocate their time and resources. If you want them to spread the word on your behalf, give them a good reason to do so. Whether you choose cash rewards, vouchers, a contest, or a saving on their subscription, offer your members something they want in return for referring others. Remind them that recruiting new members strengthens your association, giving them a stronger and more active network.

Don’t forget to reward your new members too – from a free gift to a discounted rate, giving them a reason to take up your offer will not only act as an incentive, but make it easier for your existing members to promote your association to them.

Make it Easy

If you want your members to get referrals for you, make it as easy as possible for them. There are many ways you can do this. Offer vouchers or cards that they can use, with their unique details on so that you can keep track of who they’ve recruited. Give them resources to help them contribute to your MGM, such as a list of suggested benefits to highlight, or tips on how to talk to people about your association. Above all, make sure your MGM program is easy for existing members to use – the simpler it is, the more likely they are to make time to join in.

Choose Your Time

MGM programs provide your association with the kind of members your association needs – an article in the Harvard Business Review showed customers referred to a German bank by other customers tended to be more loyal and valuable. But constantly asking your existing members to refer others runs the risk of getting repetitive. Instead, considering running your MGM programs periodically. You could use a time limit (refer a new member by a certain date to claim a reward) for added incentive.

Choose your time carefully – your members are more likely to join in with your MGM program when they are feeling most positive about your association, perhaps after a purchase, event, or taking advantage of a special offer.

There’s nothing like a personal recommendation, and your MGM program can make the most of that to build a stronger association membership. Make it simple and attractive to all parties, and get ready to welcome your new members.