MAX Launches Latest Feature: Visitor ID Tracking

By MAX Admin – February 16, 2018

Visitor ID refers to some sort of identification that a user has when visiting your website. Usually, this ID is through the IP address. But, how are you suppose to know that information from someone who does not interact with your site?

Most visitor’s to your site remain anonymous because they did not fill out a form or download a piece of content. Therefore, a visitor ID is not found. What if there was a way to track the visitors to your site and gain useful insights in the process? That’s where MAX comes in.

MAX Launches Latest Feature: Visitor ID Tracking

MAX now has the ability of visitor ID tracking. Using a reverse IP lookup, MAX identifies the companies and people visiting your site. The tool provides you with all sorts of contact information, such as names, emails, phone numbers, and social accounts. This gives you the insights you need to convert leads to sales. Here are a few of the key components with visitor ID tracking:

Track your leads. If you have a lead already in your funnel, you can notify your sales team when that lead comes back to the site. Did they check out the pricing page? Download a piece of content? You will know exactly what your lead did and the best way to move them through the funnel.

Receive daily emails. Get all of your anonymous visitors, leads, and opportunities sent directly to your inbox on a daily basis. Without even logging into the app, you can quickly scan through names and lead scores right from your email. Don’t want daily emails? Don’t worry you can have weekly updates instead!

Track important pages. Are there certain pages on your site you feel are important? An info page or pricing chart perhaps? Set notifications and triggers for when a lead or visitor hits one of those pages. You can automatically increase their lead score when an important page is visited and schedule personalized content.

Set Filters. No need to be tracking companies and people who do not matter, right? Filter out sites that are irrelevant to your organization and focus on the true leads. If you want to target specific industries only, you can select those industries and visitor ID tracking will only show you those contacts and visitors.

Equip your sales team with more knowledge than ever before. The more information you have on your leads, the better chance you have of converting those to sales. Understand who you are targeting and how your prospects move through the sales funnel.

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