Mastering Marketing Automation

Automating your marketing is essential in today’s busy world. With newsletters, social media sites, blog posts and your website to keep up with, you need tools that can help you stay on track with your goals without spending huge amounts of time. Here are some steps to take to become an expert at automating your marketing.

  • Start with a Plan – You need to know what your goal is and how you are going to attempt to get there before you launch an automated marketing campaign.
  • Understand Your Audience – Just because the marketing is automated, doesn’t mean you don’t need to tailor it to the needs of your audience. Know who your target reader is, and what it is that they want from you.
  • Plan Your Marketing Campaigns – Automated marketing is planned ahead of time, then simply allowed to run. Build a schedule of what you are going to send and when you are going to send it. Keep your goal and audience in mind while you do this.
  • Create Your Content – Once you know your goals, you need to create content that will attain these goals and fit into your marketing campaign. If you are not a writer, hire one that can help.
  • Use Social Media Management Tools – Find a site or service that allows you to manage your social media campaigns in one location. Set up a system that allows you to schedule your social media campaigns for the day or week and then let them run. This frees you to focus on the conversations those posts create.
  • Funnel Contacts to an Effective Landing Page – Build a landing page that effectively gets your contacts to make a purchase decision or give their contact information. Make sure the landing page is professional and effective. Consider creating two versions, then testing them to see which is the most effective.
  • Learn to Use Analytics – The data you get from your marketing efforts will be your best friend when automating your marketing. Learn how to use it to streamline future campaigns to make them more effective.

By embracing these strategies, you will become a marketing automation expert, and your effective campaigns will help increase contacts and improve sales.