5 Marketing Automation Tips Still Relevant Today

By: DANIEL LUISE – January 11, 2018

I was combing through some of our older content the other day and came across this “5 marketing automation tips” blog. I was intrigued and after reading through it, I realized one thing. All of these tips are still highly relevant today. I wanted to re-share these important tips because I felt they can be truly helpful. Enjoy! 

The term “marketing automation” is a mouthful – but it’s one that is worth repeating. Using technology to build a marketing campaign and send out consistent, relevant messages in an efficient, cohesive manner is always a good thing!

So if you’re a little tech-hesitant, don’t get scared off by the term. Because marketing automation is really all about making your marketing easier for you and more effective overall. In fact, there are several things that are really important when it comes to marketing automation. Here are 5 marketing automation tips:

1 – Gathering the Data

The gathering of data that can be used to target your audience in a relevant and valued way. Think about all the information that could be collected about your target market. And think about how much could be collected over a period of time. That kind of information is worth its weight in gold, don’t you think?

To be able to see the habits of your audience, pre-determine their decisions based on historical data…it’s all a gold mine at your fingertips. Marketing automation software allows this data collection and analysis and it’s obvious how important this information is for your future marketing campaigns. Why shoot in the dark for leads when you don’t have to?

With MAX, you can easily track visitor ID information, to see who is coming to your site, what pages they are visiting and how long they are staying. Get daily emails summarizing your latest leads and opportunities based on the data your automation tool gathers.

2 – Building a Successful Multi-Channel Campaign

The ability to build a multi-channel campaign that reaches the target market within the channel they are in and the media in which they use. Your audience resides in a vast universe. And not all of your prospects will respond to a message sent via a single channel.

Imagine resting your marketing campaign on a banner ad. Okay, so the banner ad is on several highly visible sites that your audience frequents. And the banner ad is actually pretty cool and you’ve received great feedback when you’ve tested it. But not everyone clicks on banner ads. And many people may turn a blind eye to them after cruising the internet for too long.

Multi-channel campaigns allow you to send a consistent marketing message across several channels, such as email, direct mail, social media and more. Larger campaigns that seemed unmanageable with your current manpower are now within your grasp when you implement an automated marketing software, like MAX.

3 – The Always Developing Sales Funnel

The development of an information map, aka sales funnels, for your audience. You can make it easy for your prospects to find the information they need by having a clear call to action and the ability to follow through. Landing pages, personalized URLs, dynamic forms, etc.…when your call to action is combined with an offer, your prospects are induced to move, heading to the automated responses that you have set into place. And in fact, as they move forward and receive those automatic responses, your sales team is in the wings, waiting to work the warm and hot leads.

Nothing like sitting back, and watching prospects move through the sales funnel, without having to do any of the work at each step!

4 – Lead Scoring

The ability to score your leads is very important. Not every lead is equal. Some people are ready to buy. Some need more time and information. Others are just looky-loos. And you don’t have the time or resources to waste on the leads that aren’t ready.

So one of the best things about automated marketing software is the lead scoring capability, informing your sales team who is cold and who is hot! Not only can you designate your own point systems based on what matters to you, but you can track the “life of the lead” and easily see each and every touch point or action that lead is involved in.

5 – Campaign Analytics

If you throw a marketing campaign out there you want to know what parts of it were a hit and what parts were a miss. Did the email message fall flat? Was the social post the best received?

When you send out an email drip campaign, you need to know how many people opened the email, clicked the link inside, unsubscribed and so much more. With the right marketing automation tool, like MAX, that is all possible.

The more you can analyze, the better, because it will enable you to design and implement further campaigns that are even more successful.


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