Improving Your Website in 3 Steps

Your website is the most important marketing tool your association has. Now is the time you should fully embrace that, if you haven’t already. What once were staples of your marketing are now obsolete. Your domain is the most precious gem in your marketing chest, and it’s time to let it shine.

If you haven’t bought into your website being the crown jewel of your empire, here are three tips to get you on track this summer.

Leads on Every page

It’s difficult to predict where your site visitors will land. You can use analytics to narrow it down, but you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket either. Every page and subpage on your site should be just as strong as the next. What you cannot predict is what may spur a prospective member into action. A new membership can begin on any page, and you can capture that member by employing strong calls to action and data-capturing tools.

Every page should have the capability to bring in new leads. This can be with a white paper download, a free resource, a discounted event, a webinar registration page – the possibilities are endless.

Integrate Social Media

We’ve been preaching this forever, but a strong social media presence is only as effective as what it is linking back to. If your website is boring and dull, why would someone click a link on Twitter to see it? Perhaps you already have been using social media and not seeing the results you wanted. Your website may be to blame.

Responsive Web

Responsive web design is a relatively new term for a fantastically intuitive concept. Responsive web, simply, is the idea that your experience as a viewer should retain consistency across all platforms. If you are reading a blog post on your laptop, it should look similar in theme and layout on an iPhone, tablet, desktop, etc.

Now is the time to focus on furthering your online marketing efforts, and the first place to start is your website. A strong website will serve as an impressive marketing and sales tool, bringing in leads on every page. Once you take the time to develop and improve your website, you’ll be extremely impressed with its ability to perform as a strong promotional tool.

Need help getting your website up to your association’s standards this summer? I’d be more than happy to help. Email me at to see how our team can assist you in the process!