Marketing automation is the use of software to automate your marketing processes in a much more efficient way. Marketing automation allows companies to decrease their manual workload and allow processes like email blasts, lead generation and campaign management to be set up and automatically executed.

Yes! Marketers say that the biggest benefits of marketing automation are saving time (74%), increased customer engagement (68%), more timely communications (58%) and increased opportunities including up-selling. That sure sounds like a successful system to me! After all, time is money!


MAX is a powerful, user friendly and affordable marketing automation tool that makes executing your marketing campaigns a breeze. It gives you the tools you need to communicate with customers, members and prospects using email, social media and direct mail, effortlessly.

MAX is only $300/month!

It’s simple. No.

MAX is the perfect balance between ease of use and functionality. Oftentimes, when you find the marketing automation program that does everything you want it to you need to hire an expert to actually use it. On the other hand, the programs that are easy to use are generally outgrown rather quickly. MAX is a highly functional and powerful tool that is so easy to use, even your grandma could run it.

MAX can be for any organization of any size. For small organizations, marketing automation allows you to stretch your limited resources and reach just as many prospects as any larger sized entity. It utilizes efficiency and communication in so many ways that size is not a factor. Whether you have a contact list of 50 names or 500,000, MAX makes it easy to reach them in multiple ways.

Marketing automation allows companies to push customers through the sales funnel with limited time and resources. From a sales perspective, MAX helps turn those potential prospects into actual leads with automated actions that keep you on top of the sales process. Keeping track of all of your prospects and sending out the right touches at the right time is key to any sales team—MAX makes it easy. Automating your marketing campaigns through MAX gives you the ability to reach your targets with various engagements. What better way to push your content then on an automated basis ranging from social media posts to email campaigns?

Our robust reporting tools allow you to track and measure all of your campaigns. Set goals and see what is working best for you and what you need to change. If you can’t measure a marketing campaign, you shouldn’t start it, so MAX ensures that everything you do is tracked so you can be the best marketer possible.

All our data is stored by SharpSpring on their protected and secured servers. This is through our agreed partnership. If you would like more details regarding security, please ask.

MAX is a hosted web service application. You cannot host your own instance of MAX. However, because it’s a responsive tool, you can access MAX from any computer, tablet or mobile device at any time.

Yes! On the same page as where you will log in, you will see the “Forgot Password?” option. You can follow that process to reset your password using your email address associated with the account. You can also change your password from inside the system under your account settings.

Absolutely! We would be more than happy to demo MAX and show you all the great tools available.

Contact us today and a member of our team will reach out to schedule a time!

Yes! As an organization, you have one client account with unlimited users. If you would like multiple client accounts, an agency set-up can be discussed. Let us know!

Spend time following up with leads rather than wasting time trying to schedule your marketing campaign. Have targeted campaigns ready to go and automatically execute everything with the click of a button. Gain results and actionable knowledge that allow you to change and gain even better results next time.

An email autoresponder is a single outbound marketing tactic. You have pre-written content that automatically gets sent out to anyone trying to reach you. And while this tactic can be beneficial in some ways, it is vastly different than what MAX does. With MAX, you first will set up a marketing campaign. You pick the initial action (say send out an email). You then will put into place every step a person may take in response to that email. If they click the link, it may go to a landing page; if they don’t respond, it may be sent a follow up email; and so on. MAX then takes these steps you created and executes them. So while both an email autoresponder and MAX are created to make your life easier, that is about as far as the similarities go.

You can search high or search low but we promise, there will be no costs hiding out. But, inside the system, there are optional add-ons, such as Shutterstock usage or Litmus testing, completely up to you!

Yes, but only one device can be logged in with the same user at a time. Otherwise, you will get kicked out when signing in from a different browser or location.

Administrators should generally be someone in a leading role for marketing or finance or an overall decision maker. The admin will have the ability to easily change company settings, user permissions, etc.

For the most part, a user and an admin can do the same things. Like the admin, a user can upload content, create campaigns and much more. But unlike the users, an admin has access to change the company settings. Permissions between users are also an option! For example, a sales user can be permitted to only see the sales tools available.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with many more coming!

It can be as little as two minutes or as long as two hours… it’s all up to you! Some campaigns have very few steps while others are long and more complex. The complexity is what determines how long it will take you to setup your campaign.

As many as you want!

Yes, the code view inside the email editor tool allows for inputting your own HTML code. However, MAX already has over 30 easily customizable email templates.

No, not from us, and we don’t recommend that you purchase email lists from anyone. Email lists are notoriously inaccurate, and you need to be sure you are always in compliance with CANSPAM and CASL laws. MAX and interlinkONE, inc. are not held liable for anyone who violates these laws.

Yes! You can also send a test email to your team to make sure everything is ready to go.

There is no limit to the number of contacts. Just make sure you have clean lists.

You can set up actions in MAX’s comprehensive sales tools for sales reps or other representatives to make calls and MAX will remind them to do so. You cannot make calls through MAX.

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All your marketing automation in a single software

MAX is a powerful, user friendly and affordable marketing automation tool that makes executing your marketing campaigns a breeze.
Starting $200 / month