Cleaning Up Your Content Marketing

Nowadays marketing is all about providing useful, relevant content. Associations are creating it, while customers are engaging with it and sharing it. So, if you’re looking to grow your association through marketing, it’s time to focus on creating attention-grabbing content that is free of waffle, jargon, and self importance. Clean up your content by asking yourself these five questions.

  1. Do I have a plan? Content that sounds fresh and spontaneous actually takes careful planning. Firing off content because “we need an update” is a sure bet to produce lackluster content that doesn’t have a clear message. Whether you are planning your next brochure or a series of social media updates, come up with a plan. Figure out how much content you need to produce and when, and factor in the time to create, edit, and make it shine.
  2. Am I making the most out of my content channels? There are so many content channels out there that the choice can be dizzying. Are you Tumbling? Have you used Vine recently? Sort out which content channels are best for you– think about a mix of social channels and other channels such as your blog and newsletter. For each channel, take the time to brainstorm work out the kind of content that works best and deliver it – consistently.
  3. Am I listening to what my customers want? The focus of great content should be squarely on what your audience wants. Metrics are your friend. Which elements of your content are the most popular? Where does your audience go to engage with your content? Do they like direct mail for new announcements and Facebook for contests? What are they searching for when they visit your blog or social media profiles? Find out what they want, and create content that offers that.
  4. Is my content boring? If your content isn’t getting the engagement you hoped for, it’s time to take a good honest look and ask yourself “is my content boring?” No matter what your niche, there’s no excuse for boring content. If your text sounds dry and dull or you find you’re sliding into jargon or clichés (honestly, we’ve had enough thinking outside the box to last for years), it’s time to give your content some serious editing.
  5. Who do I talk about most? Keep reminding yourself that content isn’t about you, it’s about your audience. From your newsletter to your Twitter feed, content that endlessly talks about and promotes your association is a no-no. Talk to and about your audience. Share something useful with them. Make them laugh. Make them think. Tell them what you can do to make their life better.

If your content is looking drab and dusty, give it a clean with fresh language, a polished plan, and plenty of listening. Your content is one of your best methods for getting your customers to interact with you, so make sure it’s sparkling.