Successfully Utilizing Marketing Demographics

Good, clear marketing materials are one of your association’s best assets. Marketing materials should tell your audience:

  • What you do
  • Why they should join
  • How membership will benefit them

So far, so good. But before you dash off to create your next piece of content, pause for a moment and think about who you’re sending your messages to.

Know Your Prospects

Knowing your target market is vital. Your marketing messages need to be relevant to the receiver, and demographics are your key to making them relevant. Demographics such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Career
  • Location

All help you to understand your target market. Ask yourself:

  • What matters to my target market?
  • What issues are they facing that my association can help with?
  • Where do they congregate online? What’s the best place to reach them?

Once you’ve built up a picture in your mind of who you are marketing to and what matters to them, you can tailor your messages to fit your audience.

Not All Prospects Are the Same

If you find your target market is starting to look a bit like “professionals from 20 – 75 located all over the country in a wide income bracket,” it’s time to start using those demographics to break your prospects down into groups. By dividing your prospects up this way, you can tailor your marketing to suit each group of listeners. You might choose to write different materials for long-term members than you would for members who are new to what you do. You can target a specific locality by talking about local concerns in their materials. Or how about finding out each group’s favorite online haunts and crafting content that fits well with that medium?

When you segment your target market based on demographics, you can hone your message to make it as relevant as possible to each group. The extra effort will pay off – prospects will respond to messages that speak to them, and they will appreciate the personal touch.

Do You Need Marketing Help?

Small business owners tend to believe that marketing is easy. Why, all we need to do is create social media accounts, buy some ad space, and it’s good…right? There are so many articles online about how to market that no one really needs help outside of reading another article, right?

This concept is far from the truth. While there are many great articles online about how to do marketing, those are not suited to every business. Your business might not profit from any of the strategies listed on small business blogs. This is when you might need professional help.

Spending Too Much

One major mistake in marketing is spending too much on one avenue of marketing. You might wonder why you aren’t seeing results when you have spent X amount on a marketing campaign. But, did you really need to buy a hundred links or a thousand Twitter followers? No, not really. Buying followers or fans is a bad idea, as is buying links. Those followers or fans are usually fake accounts, and paid links can be from any blog on the internet – including unsavory ones.

A few thousand dollars spent on just one avenue can be a waste, too. Even if the method you choose is a viable one, the content you are using may be out of date quickly. Choose a few ways to market and choose a reasonable price based on your profits for each. Most advertising companies let you choose how much you want to spend – use that option and be conservative until you see results. A good marketing firm can give you plenty of viable options designed to match your budget.

The Wrong Platform

If you are a video service, why use traditional print advertising? Your choice of advertising or marketing platform should match your service or product. It doesn’t make much sense for a writing company to advertise with audio or videos instead of showcasing their writing talent.

Match your website or marketing to your service. While you might want to follow the latest trend, it makes more sense to stick with what you know unless you are using the advice of a professional marketing consultant. Small or large businesses can actually save money by hiring a consultant to help them identify the right marketing for your company. Marketing and advertising companies can give you great advice on what could be working for you.

Think You Have It? Take the Quiz

These are all to be answered either true or false. It is a short quiz to see how well you’ve figured out the complex nature of marketing.

Q) Advertising is about getting sales increased.

Q) You will win awards to let you know your advertising is good.

Q) For websites, the click through rate is the best way to determine the effectiveness of a campaign.

The answers to these questions are simple; they are all false but widely held beliefs. If you wonder why this is the case, here are some simple explanations.

A) Advertising is more than sales, sometimes it is just as good to get website traffic increased or word-of-mouth reputation increased.

A) Not all good advertising gets awards, it is entirely subjective.

A) There are many factors that can be a better guideline than click through. Retention rate on how long they stay on your site, conversion rate to show how many click throughs resulted in a sale, and social media shares are all a good indicator of a successful campaign.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, while marketing is a complex part of business, there are professionals able to help guide you through the difficulties. With the right guidance, marketing help, and the right team, your business can be on the forefront of success with the right ads targets to the right demographic.

Does Content Marketing Work?

Let’s Get Started!

The numbers speak for themselves. Research by marketing advisory firm Demand Metric shows that 60% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands. This in turn leads to people feeling more favorably towards brands, seeking out information on them, and buying from them. Interesting content is one of the top reasons people follow brands on social media.

As an association, that includes you. Your message, your ethos, the voice and look of your communications all set you aside as a unique brand. And like other brands, you can benefit from the positive relationships, leads, and of course sales, of good content marketing. Let’s take a look at the basics of content marketing – what it is, how it works, and how to do it well.

What Is Content Marketing?

Simply put, content marketing is creating content to share with people. Content can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media updates
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks

Content marketing is not advertising. It’s the creation of content to engage the viewer, building a good relationship with them, generating leads and persuading them to take a certain action, such as signing up to a newsletter or joining your association.

How Does It Work?

Content marketing works by offering value to the viewer. It engages them with your association, captures their attention, and keeps you in their minds after the browser window has been closed. Content marketing forges a relationship between you and the people who view your content, establishing you as trustworthy, interesting, and worth investing time and money in.

What Makes Good Content Marketing?

Good content is relevant to the viewer and offers them much more than a thinly-veiled ad for your services. If it makes them laugh, makes them think, answers a question or solves a problem, then you’re on the right track. For content marketing to be effective, it needs to capture the viewer’s attention and add value to their lives.

Content marketing is a valuable tool for any association. By creating high quality content you can build loyal relationships with your subscribers and prospects and keep their interest in your organization fresh.

Make Your Content Matter

An automated marketing campaign is your chance to feed your members and prospects the information you want them to have about your association, when you want them to have it. A well-planned and executed campaign is a powerful tool for your association, as it gets your message out while saving you time and manpower. But what’s the one thing that is key to a successful automated marketing campaign?


The content is the engine that drives your campaign vehicle. If the content isn’t great, the vehicle won’t run and you won’t get where you want to be. So just how do you create fantastic content that will make your association stand out?

Make it Useful

When you send out your drip emails, make sure they’re worth reading. Emails that simply go for the hard sell without providing any useful content are likely to get marked as spam. Focus on creating well written content that offers value to the recipient. Your content should answer a question, solve a problem, or entertain the recipient, and should make it clear how membership of your association benefits them.

Build Trust

One of the beauties of a drip campaign is its ability to build trust between you and your members or prospects. The old adage that people don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people, is relevant when it comes to associations too. Use your automated marketing to build your association’s personality and make a personal connection with helpful advice and information that establishes you as caring, reliable and trustworthy.

Use Segmentation

Using segmentation means that you tailor the information your members see depending on what stage of their membership they are at. For example, a new member might receive a follow up email to make sure they are happy with the service they’ve received. Someone who has been a loyal member for many years might receive an email offering a special bonus when they renew their membership.

If you want to encourage prospects to sign up and existing members to stay, make sure you offer them timely information that provides value and builds a trusting relationship with your association. Make sure the content of your email campaign is relevant to each recipient and tailored to their specific needs. Each stage of an automated marketing campaign should play an important part in nurturing the reader towards the action you would like them to take. Keep your focus on good quality and you’ll be heading in the right direction – as will your members.

How Your Association Can Reach Prospects with Automated Marketing

As an association, you might not immediately think of your activities in terms of sales. In fact, as an association you are selling the benefits of membership to prospective and existing members. In order to maximize subscriptions, it’s important that you connect with your prospects in a meaningful way and guide them through the process from interest to commitment. Marketing automation software can help you do just that by honing your message for each segment of your target audience.

Give Your Audience the Messages They Want

Marketing automation software isn’t only good for sending messages – it’s also an excellent tool for triggering specific sets of messages based on your audience’s behavior. Say for example you publish a specific social media update and ask readers to like it if they’d like a chance to win a month’s free membership. You can set up your social media automation to send an automatic thank you message.

This is just one example. You might set your system to trigger a drip campaign after someone downloads an information pack about your association, for example. They’ve shown an interest in what you do, so your system is set to send them more information about it.

By monitoring and responding to your members’ and prospects’ behaviors in this way, you increase the chances of giving them just the right information at the right time to encourage them to take the desired action, whether that is a membership renewal or purchasing tickets for an association event.

Hone Your Message

Automated marketing is a very flexible solution that allows you to send different messages to different people, on a schedule of your choosing. From varying the information you send according to a person’s geographical location, to writing specific messages depending on whether someone is a long term subscriber or a new prospect, automated marketing keeps your communications personalized.

When it comes to communicating your association’s benefits and message, the more relevant you can make your communications, the better. Automated marketing means every message can be tailored to the recipient, increasing the chances of it being favorably received.