Marketing Automation in the Sales Funnel

Oh, the sales funnel. It all starts with the top – the largest ring – the target market. And then it narrows down from there as the true leads come out of that target market. Then those leads are worked, some staying put as that funnel narrows, becoming sales. But where does marketing automation fit […]

3 Trends that will Affect Your Email Marketing in 2014

Are you looking to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing program in 2014? If so, there are always different things that we can look at — this might include content, deliverability rates, Subject Line testing, and more. Along with those items, I wanted to share three trends that may help companies to experience more […]

5 Marketing Automation Tips

The term “marketing automation” is a mouthful – but it’s one that is worth repeating. Using technology to build a marketing campaign and send out consistent, relevant messages in an efficient, cohesive manner is always a good thing! So if you’re a little tech-hesitant, don’t get scared off by the term. Because marketing automation is […]

Drive Sales with Marketing Automation

A sales department can only sell to the prospects that the marketing department leads to their doorstep. Think about it…if the marketing department falls short and fails to deliver the marketing message to the target market, then the whole sales process crumbles. The marketing department finds the prospects and lures them in and the sales […]

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