Announcing New Resource for Associations: Association Marketer

We’re extremely excited to announce our new, valuable resource available for your association, Association Marketer! Check out the press release below to learn more about its educational value, and don’t forget to sign up for the weekly digest!

The Association Marketing Toolkit

You know your association needs to improve its marketing processes, but where do you begin? This Association Marketing Toolkit will guide you through various forms of marketing to ensure future success for your association.

Planning for Successful Automated Marketing Campaigns

You can’t grow a juicy strawberry plant by drowning it in all the water it needs at once. And you can’t get a customer ready to buy from you by giving them all the information in one sitting. That’s where marketing automation comes in. Automated marketing lets you carefully grow your customer relationships until they […]

Knowing When to Automate Your Marketing Efforts

For busy businesses, marketing automation is comparable to the difference between a state of the art washer and an old fashioned washboard. It gets everything done quicker, cleaner and with less effort. What’s not to love? But take note not to automate the life out of your campaign. A good automated campaign needs to strike […]

Measuring Your Automated Marketing

Automated marketing is a useful tool for getting your message out and connecting with your prospects and members or customers. What you put out there is only one half of the equation – the other half is what you get back in terms of metrics. Does measuring your marketing seem like a steep mountain that […]

Marketing Automation Definition

Marketing automation is exactly how it sounds. It’s all about making the steps in marketing automatic, as opposed to manual in nature. And it’s accomplished by using software that can execute automated marketing steps. Imagine harnessing the power of technology to engage your prospects. Via email. Via text messages. Via social networking sites. And then […]

All your marketing automation in a single software

MAX is a powerful, user friendly and affordable marketing automation tool that makes executing your marketing campaigns a breeze.
Starting $200 / month