Timing is Everything

When it comes to making a decision to buy, most people like to take their time to compare products and prices, and decide on the best purchase for them. Deciding to purchase an association membership or related service is just the same; customers like to have all the information so they know your association is […]

How Automated Marketing Keeps Your Association Consistent

Does your association have a strong, clear message and voice? Brand consistency is a vital part of your association’s marketing efforts. Brand consistency includes: Visual elements – logo, graphics, colors, and fonts Stylistic elements – tone of voice and style of writing Message elements – ethos, ethics, and brand message Keeping all of these things […]

5 Ways Automated Marketing Can Save You Money

Whether you are trying to increase membership rates or boost attendance at an upcoming event, automated marketing software can save your association time and money. Here are five reasons why: Automating the sales process means less time spent sending messages manually, which means your association can allocate its precious manpower resources more effectively. Making sure […]

Mastering Marketing Automation

Automating your marketing is essential in today’s busy world. With newsletters, social media sites, blog posts and your website to keep up with, you need tools that can help you stay on track with your goals without spending huge amounts of time. Here are some steps to take to become an expert at automating your […]

Association Tips – How to Attract Younger Members

What steps are you taking to keep your association’s membership from declining? Membership levels are a genuine concern for associations across the country. As your older association members retire, it’s vital that you attract younger members. Times are changing – putting out a regular newsletter and a yearly conference isn’t enough. If you want to […]

Making Your Automation Personal

Imagine you’re trying to buy a high end gadget, but every time you ask the salesperson about the specs, they respond with the price. You’d soon walk away. Certain frustrating marketing automation messages can have a similar effect if executed and planned poorly. Instead of making your customer feel appreciated and understood, you run the […]

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