Video Marketing on Social Media – Where to Begin?

According to Forbes, a third of all the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos. In case you missed it, a previous post talked about how videos can be the “secret sauce” in your marketing campaign. Using videos in your marketing efforts can increase engagement, benefits your SEO, is more personal, can increase […]

Video Marketing: An Online Marketer’s Secret Sauce

How can you create a marketing campaign that will help you beat your toughest competitors? If you need to market in a competitive industry, you might consider using videos as a way to help your company stand out in a crowd. Even short and simple marketing videos help you improve visibility and conversions. Video content […]

Email Marketing Essentials: How to Optimize Your Landing Page for Rapid Mailing List Growth

Your mailing list is your most valuable digital marketing asset. While other marketing strategies can be useful, email beats them all with a potential ROI of 4,400 percent. You won’t get that kind of result with any other form of marketing. The path to email marketing success starts with a good web presence. You can […]

You Need To Be Sending These 5 “Non-Sales” Emails Every Month

Do you find yourself wanting to send out emails your customers will actually want to read but not sure how? Everyone knows what a “sales” email looks like. Everyone also knows that those emails almost always end up in the trash bin. Here are five “non-sales” emails you need to be sending every month: 1. […]

7 Ways To Use Marketing Automation To Build Sales Leads

The right leads keep your business thriving. A steady stream of well qualified leads means a regular income stream, and new avenues of income. Qualified leads are those who have a need for your product or service, the budget to purchase and the purchasing authority (if they work for an organization). Finding the right leads […]

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