How Automated Marketing Keeps Your Association Consistent

Does your association have a strong, clear message and voice? Brand consistency is a vital part of your association’s marketing efforts. Brand consistency includes:

  • Visual elements – logo, graphics, colors, and fonts
  • Stylistic elements – tone of voice and style of writing
  • Message elements – ethos, ethics, and brand message

Keeping all of these things consistent across all your communication channels builds a strong, reliable voice and gives everyone who comes into contact with your association a clear idea of who you are. In that sense, your brand is like your association’s personality.

Automated marketing can help you keep brand consistency. Because every stage of a campaign is planned out in advance, you have the perfect opportunity to make sure that every message is consistent. Marketing automation means you can look at your campaign as a whole, including your presence on different channels such as email and social media, and make sure everything fits together into a cohesive whole.

The ability to plan out a series of messages and know they will be sent to your schedule is a real time-saver for associations. By investing some of that time at the planning stage to make sure your messages are consistent, you’ll be building a stronger automated marketing campaign that will stand out.