How Your Association Can Reach Prospects with Automated Marketing

As an association, you might not immediately think of your activities in terms of sales. In fact, as an association you are selling the benefits of membership to prospective and existing members. In order to maximize subscriptions, it’s important that you connect with your prospects in a meaningful way and guide them through the process from interest to commitment. Marketing automation software can help you do just that by honing your message for each segment of your target audience.

Give Your Audience the Messages They Want

Marketing automation software isn’t only good for sending messages – it’s also an excellent tool for triggering specific sets of messages based on your audience’s behavior. Say for example you publish a specific social media update and ask readers to like it if they’d like a chance to win a month’s free membership. You can set up your social media automation to send an automatic thank you message.

This is just one example. You might set your system to trigger a drip campaign after someone downloads an information pack about your association, for example. They’ve shown an interest in what you do, so your system is set to send them more information about it.

By monitoring and responding to your members’ and prospects’ behaviors in this way, you increase the chances of giving them just the right information at the right time to encourage them to take the desired action, whether that is a membership renewal or purchasing tickets for an association event.

Hone Your Message

Automated marketing is a very flexible solution that allows you to send different messages to different people, on a schedule of your choosing. From varying the information you send according to a person’s geographical location, to writing specific messages depending on whether someone is a long term subscriber or a new prospect, automated marketing keeps your communications personalized.

When it comes to communicating your association’s benefits and message, the more relevant you can make your communications, the better. Automated marketing means every message can be tailored to the recipient, increasing the chances of it being favorably received.