4 Types of Marketing Software to Consider For Your Association

By JOHN FOLEY – July 22, 2016

As marketers, we are bombarded with new technologies constantly being introduced. Although the different software is helpful in aiding our marketing efforts as well as helping us to find and research new members, it certainly gets overwhelming. To help narrow down the wide variety of options, consider these four different types of software to help your association improve its marketing efforts and build relationships with members and prospects.

1. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management software is essential for any organization that is looking to grow and enhance communication with its members and prospects. Not only does a CRM help to identify and manage relationships with existing and potential members, it also helps track and measure marketing campaigns. These systems help monitor traffic between you and your members, and ultimately help build stronger relationships.

2. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is crucial to associations as it allows you to relay information quickly and effectively to current and future members. From managing blogs to building landing pages, tracking keywords, and handling marketing campaigns, an automated marketing software will help execute and measure the effectiveness of your marketing. It will pick up any information that you may have missed, and will track the information you’re marketing, allowing you to be on top of everything, and do most of the work for you!

3. Social Media Management

Having a software that will assist you in social media marketing will free up the time to think more about marketing strategy, and help track the reporting and measurements of your social media campaigns. An effective social media software will make it easier for you to share information across a variety of social platforms while tracking data and allowing you to easily control all aspects of your social media marketing efforts. From scheduling posts in advance to addressing your target market, it will help build the personality of your association, attracting new members and better connecting with existing ones.

4. Analytics Software

Having a software that will take your data and turn it into a detailed report is a requirement for any organization. This software can tie into any of the others mentioned above because it takes the results from those and analyzes it. It not only breaks down the information necessary for evaluating the success of your organization, but it simplifies it and shows you what’s working and what isn’t within your marketing efforts.

These new technologies in online marketing will assist your association in successfully reaching members and prospects and informing them about your organization. They will help you take the next steps in developing your association and utilizing the necessary resources in a marketing association.


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