3 Ways to Attract and Keep New Members

By JOHN FOLEY – December 15, 2017

Are you ready to boost your association’s membership? No matter what your membership statistics look like, increasing your association members is a vital part of keeping your association lively and viable for the long term. Your association needs to attract and keep new members – here are three easy ideas that can help you drive membership today.

1. Deliver Value Your Members Won’t Find Anywhere Else

When it comes to driving more membership for your association, start with this key question, “why is our association worth giving money to?” Your members need a reason to join your association. What exactly will joining do to improve their professional life? Why should they choose you instead of another professional organization? If you want to stand out from the competition and convert interest into memberships, make sure you are offering unbeatable value. Whether you offer access to a wealth of useful information, unbeatable discounts on professional events, or up to date news they won’t find anywhere else, you need to offer excellent value.

2. Make the Most of Your Member-Get-a-Member Program

Your members are compelling ambassadors for your association. Your member-get-a-member program can provide a real boost to your membership. After all, your prospects already know the person who is essentially giving your association a personal recommendation. That personal endorsement is a strong statement of trust in your association and a great tool for showing a new member why you’re worth joining. To really make the most of your member get a member program, make it a good deal for both parties. For your prospects, offer a new member bonus, whether that’s a reduced rate or a complimentary ticket to an event. But don’t forget the members who are doing the work for you. Offer them a reward for recruiting new members, and make their job easier by providing accessible materials that they can use to talk about your association.

3. Get Active on Social Media

Is your association active on social media? Social media is a part of everyday life for many of your members and prospects, and they’re using it to look up the businesses and organizations they are interested in. When they find you, make sure they find an interactive profile with regular useful updates, no spam, and a warm welcome that encourages them to connect with you. Social media is particularly important when it comes to recruiting younger members, who are used to connecting on social networks and being able to reach organizations while browsing on their phones. Your social media presence ensures that information about your association is at their fingertips any time, anywhere.

Start planning how you can make the most of these three areas today so you can watch your association membership grow.


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