3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Marketing Automation

By DANIEL LUISE – April 25, 2018

Marketing automation can be one of the most powerful tools for growing and sustaining your business. Marketing automation frees up your time, by taking the tedious tasks off your hands, while ensuring you’re still efficiently promoting your business online.

When it comes to running a small business, having the right marketing automation tools and system in place can make or break your company’s success. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not marketing automation is right for you, here are three reasons why your small business needs to have marketing automation.

1. Marketing Automation Frees Up Your Team’s Time

As a small business, each member of your team has important tasks they need to complete each day. If they begin to slip, have too much on their plate, or take a day off, the entire company can feel it. Unfortunately, when you overload your team members with too much work or responsibilities, they can become stretched too thin.

Don’t have the budget to allocate to hiring new team members? Marketing automation can help you get more done with fewer people. Rather than hiring a new employee to tackle the mundane marketing tasks you need to complete, the right tool allows you to schedule these processes ahead of time.

2. Marketing Automation Improves Customer Retention

Attracting and nurturing new leads is important for growing your business. However, it’s just as important to reconnect with past customers and clients to convince them to purchase again. If you’re focusing only on getting new customers, old buyers may slip through the cracks.

Using the right marketing automation tool can allow you to improve customer retention by guaranteeing each individual gets the information and content they need to re-enter the buyer’s journey. Through automating your communication processes and email campaigns, you can send customers unique materials that can peak their interest again. Further, you can create long-term relationships that keep your customers and clients returning again and again.

3. Marketing Automation Helps You Get to Know Your Customer Base

As a small business, it’s important to create genuine connections with your target audience and customer base. When they have the option of purchasing from larger, better-known brands, the relationship you have with your customers will encourage them to support your small business. However, when you begin to grow your customers, it can be challenging to know exactly what each individual needs.

Marketing automation can help you keep tabs on your customers. This includes what content they engage with, what products they’re shopping for, and what problems they may be looking to solve. Through tagging your email subscribers, or monitoring your existing marketing campaigns, you can refine your marketing strategy to better fit the unique needs of your customers and clients.

For a small business, marketing automation can help bring your company to the next level. Through automating some of the processes and procedures you need to complete on a daily basis, you and your team can focus on the additional tasks you need to keep your business running efficiently.


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