15 Ways Marketing Automation Will Enhance Your Organization’s Marketing Efforts: Part II

By JOHN FOLEY – February 15, 2017

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Earlier this month, we discussed 7 things you can do with marketing automation to enhance your organization’s marketing efforts. Now, as promised, we have 8 more ways marketing automation can be used to help your organization!

8. Upsell

Do you have a service that you know some of your customers will love based on their purchase history? Is their favorite product about to get an upgrade? Do you have something new in the pipeline that perfectly complements their current service? Let them know! With marketing automation, you can segment your customer list based on purchase history so you can hone your upselling to only the most relevant products. That way you’re only sending truly useful messages, and keeping your brand fresh in your customers’ minds to boot.

9. Always Keep On Top Of Opportunities

When you’re marketing your business, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to build stronger customer relationships and keep your business fresh in their minds. With marketing automation, you never have to worry about missing opportunities again. From post purchase emails to subscription renewals, and from drip campaigns to upselling, marketing automation keeps you on top of all the best opportunities. Simply pre-program your marketing automation software to take action when trigger points are reached, and you can relax knowing every opportunity is covered.

10. Cut Down On Human Error

Even the best people make mistakes sometimes. Thankfully, marketing automation can help cut down on human error and keep your marketing in ship shape. Because marketing automation means releasing content on a schedule, there’s no more risk of off the cuff spelling slip-ups or deviations from your brand voice. You can check out each content piece before entering it into the system to make sure it’s pristine. Marketing automation does away with scheduling errors too – you can set the schedule and double check it.

11. Stay In Touch Even When You’re Out Of Office

When customers get in touch with you, a timely response is a must. Whether a customer had just placed an order or reached out with a query, you need to get in touch straight away. You can’t be at your desk twenty-four hours a day – but marketing automation can. Use it to send a message in response to an action such as ordering or filling out an inquiry form. That way you can stay in touch even if you’re asleep! A friendly, helpful automated message is the difference between a customer feeling reassured and cared about, or not.

12. Encourage Customers To Come Back

Has it been a while since one of your customers made a purchase? With marketing automation, you can set up emails or drip campaigns to go out after a set amount of time post purchase. Use automated messages to send out special offers to entice customers back, or let them know about new products that fit their interests. Sometimes a timely reminder is all it takes to bring a customer back. With marketing automation you don’t need to worry about customers drifting – simply set a schedule for keeping in touch and the software will do the rest.

13. Build Excitement For Events

If you have an event coming up you can use marketing automation to build anticipation. For customers who haven’t booked yet, send a series of emails or social media posts to let them know why they can’t afford to miss your event. Link out to blog posts by guest speakers, itineraries and more to generate some buzz. For customers who have booked, send out reminders, venue information, exclusive content and schedules to keep the event fresh in their minds and keep them excited to attend.

14. Reward Loyal Customers

Your most loyal customers provide you with regular income, and in the age of social media, their recommendations are gold. Rewarding them for their loyalty sweetens the deal for both of you. Marketing automation makes it easy to reward your most loyal customers with no risk of overlooking someone or forgetting to send out rewards. You can set triggers based on purchase amount or frequency and craft content to go out when those triggers are pressed. Send some exclusive content or special offers their way and your most loyal customers will love you even more.

15. Keep Customers Engaged

Don’t let a purchase become a one-time event. Use marketing automation to stay in touch with your customers post purchase. Your customers see a whole lot of marketing messages every single day. It’s all too easy to forget about a business, even one that gave great customer service.

Marketing automation makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers and encourage them to keep engaging with your brand. Regularly scheduled content that’s interesting, useful and shareable will keep you at the forefront of their minds. Carefully planned and sustained marketing campaigns keep your customers interested and entice them back to buy from you again and again. Marketing automation makes it easy to plan and keep on top of those campaigns, boosting your marketing ROI and profits and giving your marketing efforts a powerful upgrade.

I hope you enjoyed this two-part mini-series on ways marketing automation can enhance your organization’s marketing efforts. Feel free to tweet at us at @MarketWithMAX if you have any additional questions on marketing automation!


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