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MAX is Marketing Automation. Executed.

No more wondering who to call and when, or forgetting to send that all-important follow up email. MAX takes the tedious labor out of marketing.

Set up your contacts and campaign, tell MAX what to do and when to do it, and rest easy. MAX will take care of delivering content, emails, social media posts, notifications to your sales team, and more.

MAX gives you the tools you need to communicate with customers, members and prospects using email, social media, and direct mail, effortlessly. Don’t risk losing customers by opting for a contact channel that they don’t like – with MAX you can match the medium and the message to the recipient.

If you want to make your marketing easier, smoother and more consistent, MAX has you covered.

More than Just Marketing Automation

MAX is packed with features that go beyond your regular email blasts and automated marketing processes.

  • Build personas for your target audience for more personalized and effective messaging.
  • A full CRM tool equipped with custom deal stages, an interactive pipeline view, and smart emails with the ability to set reminders and score your leads.
  • Ability to track visitor IDs and gain a better understanding of your leads with a daily recap in your inbox.

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Organizations that use MAX get results

For years we have been hoping to expand our digital marketing efforts but have struggled to find a solution that would make the implementation and ongoing maintenance manageable,especially for a “low tech” user like me. Now our company has a user friendly tool that helps us manage both contacts and content for our prospecting campaigns, client updates and our first ever eNewsletter. With MAX, we can create the pieces, schedule the timing and track the results on one platform….and the best part is that MAX is a fraction of cost we thought a tool like this would be. Thanks MAX!!!

Craig Lennon
Craig LennonDirector of Business Development, Ship-Right SolutionsShip-Right Solutions

MAX is a user-friendly and well-designed system that stands apart from any marketing automation platform you’ve probably seen. We were able jump right in and start building and executing campaigns that yield real results. MAX avoids having to re-invent the wheel to send out each step in a marketing campaign, you can build the entire campaign beforehand with little time investment and have MAX deliver it successfully. Then using MAX’s reporting capability, check out the results.

Ed Marino
Ed MarinoCEO codeMantracodeMantra

Executing your marketing campaigns should be easy!

MAX is a powerful, user friendly and affordable marketing automation tool that makes executing your marketing campaigns a breeze.
The best part? MAX starts at just $300 a month!